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Seoul Bakery Review

So before I brought my new iPad mini, I went to Seoul Bakery in London with Min. Why does it matter that I went before I brought my new iPad mini? Well, my iPad mini has a camera on it. My old iPad did not, so I couldn’t use my iPad to take photos.

This is a good thing and a bad thing. It means that, my photos look great but, my blogging website doesn’t like them. It means I had to spend hours re-sizing a photo, which on my travels, thankfully I won’t have too. This also means however, that on my travels I cannot upload the most amazing photos right a way. But look at it this way; at least you get photos on-the-go!

But anyway…


Seoul Bakery is an awesome Korean dig in London. It’s really, really small though. Luckily, I worked out that when they just opened (12 o’clock Mr Wolf!) would be the best time to visit. Why? Because the place is so popular, about 1 o’clock people start queuing outside. And why do they queue? Because there’s about… 14 seats in the restaurant in total.(Told you it was really, really small!)

But if you don’t mind the possibility of rubbing elbows with a stranger or are up for making some new friends (possibly… depending on the friendliness of those next to you…), the food is so worth it. For me, the atmosphere really made it as well. That’s not because I’m  somewhat of a K-Pop fan (they do blast K-Pop out of their tiny speakers, but I recognized one song in the hour we stayed there), but because it was just so cosy and unique and… great! On the walls, you’re allowed to doodle or leave messages, and everyone more or less has. We of course, left our mark too. I wrote a confession on the window in a yellow sharpie (good luck trying to find and read it), along with a post-it note declaring my love for 비빔밥 (BiBimBap) and a typical “WE WERE HERE!” post-it note. Min kindly wrote many messages about her love for Kris, leader of the Chinese boy band EXO*.


 Embarrassingly, I wrote the wrong “and”. Go home Hana, you need to practice Korean.

As for the food, along price range, it was amazing. We paid £1.50 for 김밥 (kimbap) which is  probably easiest to describe as the Korean Sushi. We got two rolls for £1.50 people! That is amazing! Usually you get charged around £3 for half a roll.


True to Korean culture, we pretty much shared our food. I ordered (as already stated) the egg 비빔밥 (BiBimBap) which I believe was around £3 – £3.50? The most common 비빔밥 (BiBimBap) is made with beef instead of egg, but being a vegetarian I obviously choose the “egg”. There was 3 other choices for meat you could have in your 비빔밥 (BiBimBap) but I’ve forgotten them. I have to say though, I was in no way limited for choice. Min ordered two dishes and a side of rice, and while I can’t quite remember them, she allowed me to try some and eat the eggs. Her dishes tasted super, super yummy too!

It is also probably worth noting, you get a cold, tall glass bottle of water, and tiny silver cups for free. Instead of the £1.90 I got changed for a small glass of water at Maison Blanc. 

After piggy Hana ate some.
This isn’t even all of the food! Obviously I didn’t waste any time as I don’t have any photos of all of our food.

Had to take at least one 셀카 (Selca!) in there! 
셀프 (Self) + 카메라 (Camera) = 셀카 (Selca)

Lastly, we ordered their special 아이스녹차라떼 (Iced Green Tea Latte!). It costs about… £2.50, but was so good. So good I’ve been dreaming about it since. I actually wanted to order a special tea they sold there, but the lady told me it was sold out.

SHINee and Siwon from Super Junior have visited! I heard EXO have too, but they didn’t leave their signatures. Maybe it’s just a hopeful rumour or they weren’t important enough at the time
Odd angle because I didn’t want people to think I was photographing them eating! Haha…

Speaking about their staff, I think it’s important I write a little about them too! I’ve read a review that they didn’t speak English, which was not true when I was there. Our waitress was a Londoner, who was learning Korean. She spoke to us in English obviously, but would shout the orders in Korean. Behind the bar, they spoke in a mixture of Korean and English. They’re all really friendly too, so need to feel intimidated!

I didn’t write the two above messages, but I thought they were both super sweet messages.

I guess the last thing to add is; No, it’s not really a Bakery. Why? No idea. Ancient legend has it the store before was a Bakery, and the new owners couldn’t be bothered to change ALL of the sign. Realistically, who knows. Whooooo knooooows.


Seoul Bakery; 55 St Giles High Street, WC2H 8LH.
07763 278681.
Opening Hours; (Mon-Sun) 12:00 – 23:00
Price Range: £!

* There are two branches of the “EXO” boy band; Chinese and Korean. Both are produced by the Korean Entertainment company SM. Just to explain why she’s professing her love for a Chinese boy band in a Korean restaurant.