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My Little Box UK Review – January 2015

Well, it’s official; I’m in love.


Today My Little Box arrived from last month (I ordered at a point when they’d run out, only to get an email two weeks ago saying they were getting more in stock so I would be able to get a January box too) and I’m over the moon if I’m honest.

I love the “Good Vibes only” sticker on the packaging – very cute.

When I first saw the brown box the “little” box arrives it – I was surprised (and pleased!) with it’s size. It has a bit bigger then I was expecting, which was strange after Birchbox seemed smaller then I was expecting. More room for goodies though, I suppose!

The cartoon drawing on the box is adorable and many similar are found throughout. Looking at these is a treat alone, in my opinion! You get a card each month with a quote and drawing, and it’s the first thing (besides the adorable ribbon) you see.


Beneath that was a magazine, which looking through was full of great articles and a few unique things you don’t find in my magazines – like this motivational quotes. Love it. I also love the material the magazine is made from – only slightly glossy and much stronger then  most magazines.

I love this outfit too. Summer inspiration, as I think I’d freeze to death if I wore in now… she types from under a blanket.

The contents had a few variations on lifestyle tips and inspiration – love the photography throughout. Quite arty and pleasing on the eye!

Some sweet motivation pages to cut out and hang up.

Under the magazine was… a gym bag! Woohoo! It’s really adorable and lightweight and useful for the gym or even as an overnight bag. I do think you’d have to be careful as to how much you put in there weight wise – though this is a general rule for all bags. A towel, gym clothes (or swimsuit or change of clothes), keys and some toiletries should be fine though.


  And underneath that there is a calender! Simple, stylish and useful if you do not have one already or could do with two. (i.e One at work, one at home… one in the kitchen, one in your study…). The simplicity and size of it means it’d be great for pinning to a  small cork-board.




Last but by no means least, is a small draw-string bag with beauty goodies inside! This month included a facial spray, red nail-vanish from  Nails Inc and a facial cream from . Tucked next to them all was a little leaflet explaining the history and use of each product and company. Very cute, and all my ideal kind of products. No kidding, I love facial sprays – great for traveling, keeping nice skin through -out a hot day or very cold one (helps keep it shiny and healthy-looking, stopping the dryness such weather will give you otherwise).





The red colour is very pretty, and should suit most shades. Do be warned it takes a while to dry though – or you may end up ruining your little bag like I did!

The gloopy 3-D texture on my nail is NOT caused from the nail polish they provided – well, they’re not to blame anyway. I was just so excited to test it I tested it over my pre-existing chipped nail vanish… 

So… as for the VERDICT: 

How usable are the products?:  Depending on whether you go to the gym… extremely useful! If you’re not into fitness the gym bag, motivational quotes and calender may not be so great to you.

How good are the products?: I’m a little wary as to how much weight the bag can hold and how it’d react in the rain but, other then those queries I think it’s good! (great even!). The nail vanish is from Nails Inc, so yes it’s good (if you can be patience for a little while…). The facial spray feels lovely and smells rather pleasant. At first I thought “ooh fruity!” but that quickly changed to “…floral?”. Different but, nice regardless. I have not tried the cream yet but am looking forward to! And as I said before, I like the material in which the magazine (and other little bits and bobs) are made from. All seem recyclable (and even made from recycled paper for some?)

Would you buy it again?: Yes! I believe I’ve already bought February’s 🙂 It’s such a nice little treat to receive and,  considering what some others had said about this being the worst box so far… I’m very excited!!!

So what’s the price of the box and shipping like?: The box is £11, and shipping is £3.95. Why that pricey? Because it’s a pretty big box full of goodies and is being shipping over from France. Don’t worry though – if you’re curious to try a box but are turned off by the shipping price, type in FIRSTBOX at the checkout to only pay £11 for the first month (basically, get free shipping). Remember to unsubscribe after the initial payment and box is sent if you’re hesitant, as they will automatically charge you the 1st of the next month.

Anything extra I should know?: This box usually arrives between the 10th-20th of each month, unless you’ve ordered a little later in the month and they still have some boxes left over. It took 2 weeks for mine to arrive, although others have had theirs arrive earlier, and they advise that it can be between 2-3 weeks. Do be warned they shall charge you for the box before they let you know – something that may not be great for those in a financial struggle!

“Is Birchbox worth it?” – Birchbox Review, January 2015.

I first heard about beauty boxes many, many years ago when a friend at boarding school mentioned the concept. Being however young I was (certainly 16 or under) I didn’t have the money nor the interest really. Yet recently I came across them again – Facebook (dam it’s targeted adverts now) had a promo for My Little Box, and it looked cute so I looked into it. When researching the adorable French beauty and lifestyle box, I came across Glossybox and Birchbox and confused as to which one to go for… I subscribed to all of them, deciding that with the help of promos codes I could trail them all at least one month. Well, my Birchbox arrived today and I’m glad I canceled my subscription before I opened it… or I would have had an hour long battle trying to get my fingers to click that “save changes” button. I really like it!


The theme of this month was exercise (well,  technically Women’s Health), which is also the theme of My Little Box (I snooped around a little… or a lot during my research). Some people seemed really annoyed that the two boxes have shared a similar theme for this month, but as a health freak I am loving that I get two boxes full of goodies dedicated towards it! Birchbox has some great after-gym samples and motivations, and from what I’ve seen on this month’s My Little Box I’m going to get a great gym bag to keep them in!

So enough blabbering on for now, here’s the goodies!

IMG_6878IMG_6879First thing I noticed was a Women’s Health magazine offer and then a sweet little Welcome! card.

This is pretty cute. Will I actually stick to it? Probably not. But the tips weren’t that bad and full of extra information on the back.

This is what the box looks like once you’re past all the paper leaflets they include. The bag is a good idea! But I can’t help question if I’ll get one every month and if so what I’m meant to do with them?


Tiny, but going to be useful for weekend trips!



How usable are the products?: Very useable I’d say. In fact, the only thing I worried about was the stila lipgloss colour. I saw they had red ones and was a little gutted I didn’t receive that colour, but then remembered I choose the “natural” look in my personal survey. It is still a pretty colour though, and upon wearing it, it comes out rather clear – so would be easily to use on top of other lip colours.

How good are the products?: I am quite in love with the Dr. Jart+”clear away gel”. I was expecting it to feel all sticky and goopy but it’s so smooth and pleasant smelling! The lipgloss is not sticky either – rather moisturizing actually, and the matcha tea sample was amazing. I love matcha tea though so I may be (read: am) biased. The cooling gel I accidentally tried (got some on my fingers then wiped on my arm to rid of it) but haven’t tried it for it’s proper use yet. The Electric shampoo and Agave oil I’m saving for a weekend/week away where I can’t bring my beloved Moroccan Oil, so can’t comment on them yet.

What about the brands?: Dr. Jart+ is a Korean brand I’ve been gifted a BB cream and facial oil of before. I was surprised to see such a company featured, but I love it! As for the others I have never heard of them (although Electric hair does sound familiar), but am going to assume that’s good. For a company that claims to sell luxury samples, I’d be annoyed if it was something I’d recognized from Superdrug or Boots. (No disses to Superdrug, I myself use and appreciate it, but it is known for its affordable pricing not “luxury” products).

Would you buy it again?: YES! Literally, as soon as my money for February comes in (it’s going to come in around the middle of the month, and should I be so lucky with the new job I’m hoping to get it should be the end of the month) I’m going to re-subscribe. I am a little worried that I’m in love with the theme and that boxes of future months won’t live up to this standard however… only one way to find out!

So what’s the price of the box, and shipping like?: The price of the box is £12.95, and shipping is free. Look around for promos though, if you’re a little hesitant to try it. I managed to get my first one for only £7.95, woohoo!

Anything extra I should know?: Birchbox has a pretty cool reward system. While you can’t spend the points on future boxes, I actually think it works out better than that. You can spend the points on full-sized products in the shop. The points are fairly easy to collect too – 1 point for every £1 you spend (so buying a box each month alone gives you 10 points), and you get 5 for every review you get – and there’s 6 items and the box as a whole to review – which is another 35. That means in less than three months you’ve got enough to get £10 store credit. And if you really like something featured in that month’s box, it will have free shipping on its full sized product. Which is pretty awesome!

Now to wait for My Little Box and Glossybox to arrive! 🙂

Beamish (The Living Museum of the North) Review

So yesterday I went to Beamish – an “Open Air” Victorian Museum – and had such fun I knew I had to review it. For those who don’t have a clue where Beamish is (I can imagine most of you won’t…), it is in Northumberland… and for those who don’t know where Northumberland is, it is a county at the top of England.  If you like your history or cultural bites, it is a great place to visit.

Paying entry, I wondered why it cost so much for the four of us, as three of us were on discounts! Yet after a few inquiries as to who we each were, the lady presented us with a card each which granted us a years entry.

I think this is a good and a bad thing – it’s great for the locals, but as for the rest of us who travel there… yet for how much you get to do, I suppose the price is quite reasonable for a day pass anyway!

A quirky note about the ticketing area was that, while the building wasn’t decorated greatly, the staff were all dressed up!




Once you exit the ticketing area, you enter a room that projects a map that tells a little Beamish story. Once you exit that area, you find yourself outside, looking down at a tram station. They supposedly run every 20 minutes, but perhaps on the busier days they run every 10 minutes. The 1-story (or should I say deck?) trams full up very quickly. We ended up on a double decker though! You never have to wait for the next tram if the double decker arrives for you! Woohoo!

We decided to sit on the bottom deck, and off we went for a glorious little ride through the countryside. The first stop was the stream train section, which we admittedly never visited. (The place is so big). The second stop was the Georgian house and farm, but we didn’t stop until the third stop, which was… The Town! 





I guess now is good time to mention that all the buildings in Beamish aren’t actually from Beamish. They were all moved there, and re-built to resemble a typical life in the Victorian (and Georgian) age.

The Town is full of shops, a pub, a grand park and a few houses. We started with the houses (they were opposite the town’s tram station), then made our way to one side of the shops before stopping in the Grand Park for a picnic. After that, we made our way down the other side of the street and to the Town bank and council hall.

The first house we visited was really smoky. That chimmy needed a good cleaning. Had Alice been a boy I’m such we could have sent her up.

That’s not light fogging up the photo, that is smoke.

The next house was the Dentist’s. I think had I been Victorian I’d have wanted to marry a dentist (if a Prince or Duke weren’t available, of course). The Dentist was the only one to have an inside toilet. He also had a house next door to his practice, so he knocked down the inside to join them. He had a lovely nursery for his children too, full of toys and white frills and high chairs and all the lovely things you take for granted until you see the next houses.

These all look a little eerie, don’t they?

The young boy playing the dentist was really great; he was so informative in his role. He told us all about the various treatments we could get and how much they’d cost us (in addition to how much the miners got paid). For young women – around my age – he suggested all teeth were removed and replaced with dentures. Dentures were attractive for suitors, and would ensure my future husband need not pay dental fees for me. As a bonus, the procedure would be less painful than childbirth, so I’d be all set for my wifely duties. If you marry the dentist will he do that for free?. Well, those are the benefits should I survive the dentist chair anyway.

To have all my teeth removed would have cost me 10 pounds. Miners use to earn a pretty reasonable (at the time) wage of 2 pounds… so that sort of treatment was out of their budgets. They should go to their local barber or butcher for a few shillings and get their teeth pulled out with pliers, or for free if travellers were in town. Travellers would instead charge the people who wanted to watch. They may also take one or two healthy of your healthy teeth for good practice beforehand. All share a few things in common however; they sterilize the equipment once a day (or maybe that’s just the dentist), and will take your money before they treat you, just in case you don’t survive either.

Why wouldn’t you survive? Urgh, the details were just appalling. Simply put, you could die from the gas, blood loss or “post-operative shock” (pain). I’m sure another is inflection, but that will take a few days of pain as opposed to the length of your doctor’s appointment. 3% of patients – so 3 in 100 – would die from one of the first three. I won’t spoil the other interesting (and painful) facts I learnt… so you’ll have to visit Beamish or read on Dentistry if you want to find them out!







A few honourable mentions in the town are the paper shop, park and of course – the favourite of children and adults alike – the sweet shop! 

IMG_3425 IMG_3433

After a good hour or two in the town (it’s easily possible to spend far more here), we moved onto the next place – the pit village and Victorian farm. On the way, we passed a Victorian carnival field. Note to self in future; check out the map in more detail. You have to walk to the Victorian carnival from the Town.





 We choose to see the farm area first, which is honestly probably the best way to see them. The pit village is much bigger, although both share great amounts of detailing. I noticed in the smaller farm houses, although you can’t enter, they leave things like bread by the window. (Actually, come to think of it, maybe people live there? It is a working farm!)


There was lots of animals, and the main farm house was beautiful! There was a woman dressed up sewing by the fireplace, all of which were lit with real fires. In the farm house, they were drying some sort of cakes (Mum knows the name!) on a rack above the fire place. There is so much detail you must be sure to look out for it all!


The Pit Village is the main attraction (other then the sweet shop I hear…), as it is the only original aspect of Beamish. Alice, my sister, and my granddad went into the mining shaft and saw the drill, but mum and I stayed outside. Apparently – and easily understood – the conditions were awful. Honestly, everything seemed out to kill people back then.


If the miners put up with the conditions however, they earned themselves a free house. The free house measured two rooms down, and one room upstairs. Parents would sleep in the front room, and the toilet would be like a cupboard outside. No bathroom. For a bath, they would fill up a tin one, and take it in turns to wash themselves. The eldest (or youngest) would go first, so if you’re last, in a family of 14, you get the cold and dirty water. Nice. It’s a hard knock life indeed!

IMG_3560 IMG_3562 IMG_3581 IMG_3580 IMG_3575 IMG_3573 IMG_3574

A good perk to the houses would be the front gardens, which go on quite some length. They allowed space for growing plants and herbs, and one ‘family’ even placed birds at the top of them! The down side would be that, if you were too ill to work in the mines, you would have a week to move out your house. I can imagine men would prefer to die in the mines then admit they were ill, with those sort of conditions.

IMG_3633 IMG_3638 IMG_3654 IMG_3656 IMG_3668

On a more cheery note, the Georgian house was our last stop, and was just as beautiful. There was a woman making fresh bread in the kitchen, which everyone was welcome to try. This house was by far the most… interactive? There were no ropes to limit your entry in the room, and only the cupboards were closed off/locked. There are plenty of walks around that house too, but we just didn’t have any time!


All areas are well equipped with toilets, picnic benches, and a food/snack shop of some sort, so are really family friendly. There was also staff placed well around each area, usually involved in some sort of activity relevant to their character. They were all really friendly and full of jokes and information for everyone.

If I didn’t live so far away, I’d love to go back for their Christmas Fair!

Entry Costs:

Adult  £17.50 
Senior (60 years) / Student* £13.00
Child (5 – 16 years) £10.00
Child (Under 5) FREE
Family (1 Adult + 2 Children) £32.00
Family (2 Adults + 2 Children)   £46.00

Regional Resource Centre,
County Durham

Phone Number:
0191 370 4000


Opening Hours:
10am to 5pm, open all week during main season (Summer).
(Last entry 3pm)

Weather Dependency:
While there is plenty to do indoors, a lot of the outdoor beauties would be missed in heavy rain. Light rain, with rain coats, would be manageable however.

Seoul Bakery Review

So before I brought my new iPad mini, I went to Seoul Bakery in London with Min. Why does it matter that I went before I brought my new iPad mini? Well, my iPad mini has a camera on it. My old iPad did not, so I couldn’t use my iPad to take photos.

This is a good thing and a bad thing. It means that, my photos look great but, my blogging website doesn’t like them. It means I had to spend hours re-sizing a photo, which on my travels, thankfully I won’t have too. This also means however, that on my travels I cannot upload the most amazing photos right a way. But look at it this way; at least you get photos on-the-go!

But anyway…


Seoul Bakery is an awesome Korean dig in London. It’s really, really small though. Luckily, I worked out that when they just opened (12 o’clock Mr Wolf!) would be the best time to visit. Why? Because the place is so popular, about 1 o’clock people start queuing outside. And why do they queue? Because there’s about… 14 seats in the restaurant in total.(Told you it was really, really small!)

But if you don’t mind the possibility of rubbing elbows with a stranger or are up for making some new friends (possibly… depending on the friendliness of those next to you…), the food is so worth it. For me, the atmosphere really made it as well. That’s not because I’m  somewhat of a K-Pop fan (they do blast K-Pop out of their tiny speakers, but I recognized one song in the hour we stayed there), but because it was just so cosy and unique and… great! On the walls, you’re allowed to doodle or leave messages, and everyone more or less has. We of course, left our mark too. I wrote a confession on the window in a yellow sharpie (good luck trying to find and read it), along with a post-it note declaring my love for 비빔밥 (BiBimBap) and a typical “WE WERE HERE!” post-it note. Min kindly wrote many messages about her love for Kris, leader of the Chinese boy band EXO*.


 Embarrassingly, I wrote the wrong “and”. Go home Hana, you need to practice Korean.

As for the food, along price range, it was amazing. We paid £1.50 for 김밥 (kimbap) which is  probably easiest to describe as the Korean Sushi. We got two rolls for £1.50 people! That is amazing! Usually you get charged around £3 for half a roll.


True to Korean culture, we pretty much shared our food. I ordered (as already stated) the egg 비빔밥 (BiBimBap) which I believe was around £3 – £3.50? The most common 비빔밥 (BiBimBap) is made with beef instead of egg, but being a vegetarian I obviously choose the “egg”. There was 3 other choices for meat you could have in your 비빔밥 (BiBimBap) but I’ve forgotten them. I have to say though, I was in no way limited for choice. Min ordered two dishes and a side of rice, and while I can’t quite remember them, she allowed me to try some and eat the eggs. Her dishes tasted super, super yummy too!

It is also probably worth noting, you get a cold, tall glass bottle of water, and tiny silver cups for free. Instead of the £1.90 I got changed for a small glass of water at Maison Blanc. 

After piggy Hana ate some.
This isn’t even all of the food! Obviously I didn’t waste any time as I don’t have any photos of all of our food.

Had to take at least one 셀카 (Selca!) in there! 
셀프 (Self) + 카메라 (Camera) = 셀카 (Selca)

Lastly, we ordered their special 아이스녹차라떼 (Iced Green Tea Latte!). It costs about… £2.50, but was so good. So good I’ve been dreaming about it since. I actually wanted to order a special tea they sold there, but the lady told me it was sold out.

SHINee and Siwon from Super Junior have visited! I heard EXO have too, but they didn’t leave their signatures. Maybe it’s just a hopeful rumour or they weren’t important enough at the time
Odd angle because I didn’t want people to think I was photographing them eating! Haha…

Speaking about their staff, I think it’s important I write a little about them too! I’ve read a review that they didn’t speak English, which was not true when I was there. Our waitress was a Londoner, who was learning Korean. She spoke to us in English obviously, but would shout the orders in Korean. Behind the bar, they spoke in a mixture of Korean and English. They’re all really friendly too, so need to feel intimidated!

I didn’t write the two above messages, but I thought they were both super sweet messages.

I guess the last thing to add is; No, it’s not really a Bakery. Why? No idea. Ancient legend has it the store before was a Bakery, and the new owners couldn’t be bothered to change ALL of the sign. Realistically, who knows. Whooooo knooooows.


Seoul Bakery; 55 St Giles High Street, WC2H 8LH.
07763 278681.
Opening Hours; (Mon-Sun) 12:00 – 23:00
Price Range: £!

* There are two branches of the “EXO” boy band; Chinese and Korean. Both are produced by the Korean Entertainment company SM. Just to explain why she’s professing her love for a Chinese boy band in a Korean restaurant.