Update! 2 Weeks to Go!

So I keep playing around with things to blog about, but honestly, I want to blog about my upcoming travels… So I’m going to!

I’m really, really, really excited. There’s 2 weeks left, but I know the last week will go pretty quickly and I’ll suddenly remember there’s like a hundred and 20 things I haven’t done on my holiday check-list (I’ll get around to it… eventually).

I thought it would probably be a good idea to – before I go – give you an idea of what I’ll be blogging about while I’m away. I can’t say for sure what I will and won’t be doing yet, until the day it comes to look out the hotel window and judge weather conditions. But, here are the things that I hope to get up to while I’m away;

Seoul, South Korea

  • Eating lots of yummy (veggie) food.
  • Watching Alyssa and Mad eat lots of interesting food. (“Ooh, what’s that?”)
  • Visiting the 북촌한옥마을/Bul Chon Hanok Village, drinking tea in 인사동/Insadong and visiting 창덕궁/Chang-deok-kgung Palace. These are all traditional areas of Seoul. It’ll be interesting to see in comparison to the industrial parts. In some areas of 북촌한옥마을/Bul Chon Hanok Village, you look down a hill to see the industrial part of the city.
  • Touring 서울대/Seoul National University
  • Visiting Princess Diary Cafe (so unbelievably excited for this one! haha! Just wait until I blog about it! I don’t want to spoil you until then!)
  • 홍대앞(Hongdae) Student Art Market, generally 홍대앞 touring (we’re staying in this area), shopping, etc.
  • 엔 서울타워/N Seoul Tower – Going to cry at singleness with Mad and Alyssa as we look at all the couple locks, eat Ice-Cream and admire the general view.
  • Admiring the cherry blossom along the 한강/Han-River / Visiting the 청계천/Cheong-gye-cheon Stream.
  • Ignoring all the cute couples but wearing Animal fashion together (I’m not sure how else to put it? You’ll see what I mean…) in 에버랜드 리조트/Everland Resort Theme Park and Zoo.

Barcelona, Spain

It’s Saint Jordi’s day on the 23rd April! I plan to go into Barcelona and take a bunch of photos.

  • Au Pair day! Meeting up with Jo, who was the Au Pair before me, and Natalie, the current Au Pair, for a meal and general fun in Barcelona!
  • San Jorge Medieval Week in Montblanc! The locals dress in Medieval clothes and throw a week long Medieval festival to celebrate their heritage and it sounds great fun!
  • Eating lots of Olives and Ice Cream.

Hello.. New blog site…


I feel like I’ve just moved house and there’s so much decorating to do, but instead I’m ignoring it to throw a house party. Yet, my last blog was only temporary, so this is my first long-term blog which is a kind of exciting too. It’s like buying the house instead of renting it I guess. Maybe I should end it there with the house metaphor… Anyway! I’ve got some introductions to do!

Hello I’m Hana!
I love travelling, exploring new cultures, food, photography, food, history, music and food.
This Easter holiday I’m travelling  to Seoul (South Korea) and Barcelona (Spain), but to quote Dad; ‘there’s always a holiday planned’. This is my blog to write about said holidays, and anything cultural or interesting I feel like writing about when I’m not holiday-ing.

I update often when abroad, but in-between is usually pretty slow. It all depends on what I’m doing, and how annoying uploading photos is really.

Until next time!