“Is Birchbox worth it?” – Birchbox Review, January 2015.

I first heard about beauty boxes many, many years ago when a friend at boarding school mentioned the concept. Being however young I was (certainly 16 or under) I didn’t have the money nor the interest really. Yet recently I came across them again – Facebook (dam it’s targeted adverts now) had a promo for My Little Box, and it looked cute so I looked into it. When researching the adorable French beauty and lifestyle box, I came across Glossybox and Birchbox and confused as to which one to go for… I subscribed to all of them, deciding that with the help of promos codes I could trail them all at least one month. Well, my Birchbox arrived today and I’m glad I canceled my subscription before I opened it… or I would have had an hour long battle trying to get my fingers to click that “save changes” button. I really like it!


The theme of this month was exercise (well,  technically Women’s Health), which is also the theme of My Little Box (I snooped around a little… or a lot during my research). Some people seemed really annoyed that the two boxes have shared a similar theme for this month, but as a health freak I am loving that I get two boxes full of goodies dedicated towards it! Birchbox has some great after-gym samples and motivations, and from what I’ve seen on this month’s My Little Box I’m going to get a great gym bag to keep them in!

So enough blabbering on for now, here’s the goodies!

IMG_6878IMG_6879First thing I noticed was a Women’s Health magazine offer and then a sweet little Welcome! card.

This is pretty cute. Will I actually stick to it? Probably not. But the tips weren’t that bad and full of extra information on the back.

This is what the box looks like once you’re past all the paper leaflets they include. The bag is a good idea! But I can’t help question if I’ll get one every month and if so what I’m meant to do with them?


Tiny, but going to be useful for weekend trips!



How usable are the products?: Very useable I’d say. In fact, the only thing I worried about was the stila lipgloss colour. I saw they had red ones and was a little gutted I didn’t receive that colour, but then remembered I choose the “natural” look in my personal survey. It is still a pretty colour though, and upon wearing it, it comes out rather clear – so would be easily to use on top of other lip colours.

How good are the products?: I am quite in love with the Dr. Jart+”clear away gel”. I was expecting it to feel all sticky and goopy but it’s so smooth and pleasant smelling! The lipgloss is not sticky either – rather moisturizing actually, and the matcha tea sample was amazing. I love matcha tea though so I may be (read: am) biased. The cooling gel I accidentally tried (got some on my fingers then wiped on my arm to rid of it) but haven’t tried it for it’s proper use yet. The Electric shampoo and Agave oil I’m saving for a weekend/week away where I can’t bring my beloved Moroccan Oil, so can’t comment on them yet.

What about the brands?: Dr. Jart+ is a Korean brand I’ve been gifted a BB cream and facial oil of before. I was surprised to see such a company featured, but I love it! As for the others I have never heard of them (although Electric hair does sound familiar), but am going to assume that’s good. For a company that claims to sell luxury samples, I’d be annoyed if it was something I’d recognized from Superdrug or Boots. (No disses to Superdrug, I myself use and appreciate it, but it is known for its affordable pricing not “luxury” products).

Would you buy it again?: YES! Literally, as soon as my money for February comes in (it’s going to come in around the middle of the month, and should I be so lucky with the new job I’m hoping to get it should be the end of the month) I’m going to re-subscribe. I am a little worried that I’m in love with the theme and that boxes of future months won’t live up to this standard however… only one way to find out!

So what’s the price of the box, and shipping like?: The price of the box is £12.95, and shipping is free. Look around for promos though, if you’re a little hesitant to try it. I managed to get my first one for only £7.95, woohoo!

Anything extra I should know?: Birchbox has a pretty cool reward system. While you can’t spend the points on future boxes, I actually think it works out better than that. You can spend the points on full-sized products in the shop. The points are fairly easy to collect too – 1 point for every £1 you spend (so buying a box each month alone gives you 10 points), and you get 5 for every review you get – and there’s 6 items and the box as a whole to review – which is another 35. That means in less than three months you’ve got enough to get £10 store credit. And if you really like something featured in that month’s box, it will have free shipping on its full sized product. Which is pretty awesome!

Now to wait for My Little Box and Glossybox to arrive! 🙂