One Long but Short day…

Today nothing much really happened until this evening. Despite waking up quite early, we went out around lunch time. We headed to an area called Dongdaemun which is pretty much building after building (or in some case buildings under buildings) of markets. It’s a famous area for haggling for clothes, but none of us really brought anything. We all got lunch in an expensive mall, then headed to some underground market shops to visit a K-Pop store (and cap/hat shop). I got a Bibimbap, and the other two got crepes!


We did go back to same area as the dog cafe, to visit Everysing and Étude (since our local one doesn’t sell all the items). Everysing is the SM entertainment store, which sells CDs, ‘idol’ goodies, has a SM karaoke and a photo booth so you can “take photos” with your favourite SM star!


Mad and I tried the photo-booth as Alyssa already did that last time she was here. My “editing” time ran out so they looked really boring! But in a way, I didn’t really know how to edit them like I did with the H.A.M photos! (And I didn’t notice it got my bag in the shot too. It looks like Jonghyun is holding them for me in one photo! Haha!

Then we met up with one of the Unnies (“Older Sister”) from SHINee World Date, and went out to a sushi buffet place. It was really, really good, and despite having a lot of fish (obviously!), a lot was veggie-friendly too! We then went to a tarot cafe, because SuJee Unnie agreed to help translate! Because Alyssa and Mad are a lot better at Korean then me, it was easy for her and they picked up most of it anyway. For me, they called over one of the workers who could speak English and I got a slightly different reading then Mad and Alyssa. They had more advice-based readings, where as mine was more of a prediction based reading. According to our readings (in order of the readings), Alyssa has 7 guys who like her, but she’s shutting them out. Mad on the other hand will find success in her career, but will have to undergo hardships first. And me? Apparently I’m too conflicted right now, but need to focus on one thing and in 6 months a guy I’ve been waiting for (and more, unimportant ones) will show up to try and win my heart. (Pahahaha) Guess we’ll see in 6 months…

My new “T-Money” card! TOP!!

The cafe was really nice though. They had books to leave messages in, so I drew a few pictures and left some basic (English) messages. They gave us flower tea, and it was really refreshing. We just sat and talked, or drew and listened to music while we were waiting. It was really nice to just chill. We worked out that we’ve visited a themed cafe each day. Tomorrow, we shall go to a toy cafe! You paint a toy while you drink! (or drink while you paint a toy…).

On the way back from walking SuJee Unnie to the subway station, we stopped by 7-11. It’s kind of become our thing to go each night and buy our breakfast. (yogurt and fruit. Strawberry yogurt, bananas and banana milk for me!). Usually the banana milk I buy gets drunk straight away, but day I brought two as I realised that’d just be better! Yesterday, Mad and Alyssa bought me some yogurt and banana milk when they came back from their outing. I was really happy! ^_^! Mad and I ended up talking until like 2AM, which was really nice!

Now we’re going to wait SHINee before going to sleep for another great day tomorrow! Night~!

One thought on “One Long but Short day…”

  1. Dear Han,
    Sounds like you’re having a good time, excellent news. Raining here, but Moma and I are getting geared up for NZ, so haven’t noticed too much! Packing today and tomorrow. That is necessary, the ‘today’ pack will have to be re-packed tomorrow to get it all in under the allowed weight!

    Lots of Love G’Dad xx

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