Because I’m feeling really lazy this morning (afternoon), and kinda limited for time (not really it just takes ages to write and re-draft), I’m going to start with what I wrote… Two days ago? Then add on after an update…

So right now (while writing this) I’m sitting in a little local “noodle fusion” place, by myself, surrounded by locals. It’s a little daunting, but not as daunting as when I just accidentally spoke Spanish to a Korean. I was thinking about Spain and in Spanish, so when he asked me “Do you want a bag?” in Korean, no surprise when I replied “Ci!”. I realised my mistake as soon as I’d said it, so I quickly corrected myself. “네네네!” (yes yes yes! Pronounced, “ne ne ne!”). He took that as “No” though, and I hurried out of the store in embarrassment.

Last night we kind of went out. We stayed out until midnight, but it wasn’t clubbing or bar hopping kind of “out”. Instead we went strolling the streets for dinner, and watching a free concert (they call them “guerrilla concert”?), that was pretty good! They covered a few English songs, and as I was singing along, they keep looking to check they were getting it right! I can confirm this because, at one stage, they didn’t get it right. So he turned his back to me and pulled a face at his guitarist haha! It was so funny! But they were still really talented, and I love the atmosphere that surrounds a (good) live band. Everyone was singing along and clapping or dancing and the whole thing was just awesome. We came to the place I’m currently sitting in last night, which was great because I’ve been craving vegetables.


Ah. I’m not sure what I’m meant to do. Show them my ticket? Oops. Awkward, I’ve been sitting here a while. Okay maybe not. Even more awkward. Not really sure what I’m meant to be doing. We weren’t sure yesterday, but I wasn’t facing away then and the lady saw us. Ahhhhh. Oh well.

Anyway, this morning we planned to get up earlier, so my body woke up me super early and went into that horrid half asleep/ (got my food now) half awake stage. Min Unnie asked us if we wanted to go to a party with her, and Mad and I agreed since Alyssa is going out with her friends. (Okay, my meal is SUPER HOTTTT!). I plan to shower and maybe nap when I get back so I have enough energy for tonight! The theme of night is “Soju Lab” so I’m a little scared. (Oh! My eyes are watering…). Soju is the name of Korea’s alcohol. I don’t plan to drink much, if any, but I guess this gives me a chance to experience a Korean night out!

Mad’s joined me now! She wants to go to the cat cafe out wards (she says hi. First shout out on my blog!) so we’ll probably do that next!

The reason I planned to wake up early was to go the palace! But, Alyssa asked me if I wanted to go shopping with her near Ewha Woman’s University. That’s where we went the other day, but I didn’t have any money. There were loads of cheap, cute clothes so I agreed to go again. I got so much for quite little!

So I cut writing my blog post then and started eating/talking to Mad. After that we went to get some banana milk (may possibly have an obsession with it), and shop a little on the way. Then we dropped our stuff off, and went to a cat cafe. I will write a more detailed post on this later, along with posting all of the photos (soooo many cats), but I’ll just say that the cats liked me more than the dogs, and the cat that liked me was really possessive. If another cat came near me, he/she would scratch them away. “MY HUMAN!!!”.

After that I went back to the dorm, but Mad went out. In case you’ve forgotten and wondering what’s happened to Alyssa, she’s gone out with her friends (and she’s allergic to cats). I kind of sorted out my stuff and had a shower, but forgot to get the conditioner (we keep it in a bag by Alyssa’s stuff), so my hair went SUPER FRIZZY, and I only had around 20 minutes until we had to (ideally) go. Mad got back and tried to help me look OK before we left. It kind of worked. Kind of. We then went to the meeting place, in Itaewon. Even in the subway, I told tell why this is the foreign region of Seoul. It’s where all the American forces hang out in Seoul, and I’m not sure if this is due to the place being a cheap nightlife area, or the place is cheap because they all go there. Either way, it’s packed with clubs and bars.

We followed Min Unnie and her friend to a bar where more of her friends were. I only had two cocktails but that was enough. More people slowly arrived, and everyone was super nice. We then headed to a hip-hop club. The event was called Soju Lab! I felt relieved haha. A party with the theme of Soju Lab sounds kind of scary, a club with the event called Soju Lab is completely different! It was great fun, and easier to enjoy since guys would either ask you to dance, or just look at you. I dislike clubbing in England when guys just “dance” (crappy excuse for them to try and feel you up) with you. When they just start dancing behind you, until you turn around to tell them off, and then they use it as an excuse to be like “HEYA!”. I get really, really annoyed and angry at them. I’m in the club to dance with my friends! Not be felt up by a stranger! But no-one did that here. They’d either be like “Want to dance?” Or ask you where you’re from/your name etc then you’d join your groups together.

Some of us returned to Hongdae (area we’re staying out), and went out for food. I left around 4am, and although it sounds bad that I left Mad out by herself, 4am in Korea looks like 11pm in England. The streets are full, and she was close by. I also trusted those she was with, and because it was so near to the dorm, I knew she’d be okay. She came back around an hour later.

The next day – or yesterday – we went up with Michelle Unnie in the Hello Kitty Cafe (SO PINK!!), and waited for Min Unnie to wake up! We all then went out for food, and because there was a lot of vegetarian food, we shared quite a lot. I got to try lots of stuff! It was really nice!


Then the Unnies helped us get our nails done, before they said their good-byes. It was pretty pricey (most expensive thing we’ve done by far), but it was a great experience! (It did take a long time too…)


After that, we went back to the hostel and ordered pizza. We pigged out and watched our World Date DVD together (Michelle Unnie gave Mad’s to her, where as the rest of us had them shipped out to us). Our friends in the hostel watched it too, so it was a little weird, but fun to watch it together.

Our days should quite short, but we wake up late and go to bed late. Most Korean shops don’t open until around 11 or 12 am anyway, and close around midnight. Tomorrow I plan to go to the palace, and hanok village, and then meet Mad and Alyssa for a temple lunch. (They don’t want to come with me, they want to go shopping). Today it’s another shopping day, and Mad wants to go back to the dog cafe. I don’t really fancy that again though, so might go do something else.

Look at all the stuff I got (so far) for Alice! Aren’t I a good sister?

P.S have a few funny stories to tell, about people’s reactions to me, b you’ll have to wait until later I’m afraid! We also visited the Zoo the other day, but admittedly there’s not much to write about that.

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  1. i can’t wait to hear more Hannah!! Am liking your nails a lot!! so glad you are having an amazing time xxxxxx

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