Quick Update before I fly!

I’m flying at 10:25 (I think…!) this morning, so can only do a quick update, as I’m about to run for the bus!

The other day I went to Insadong by myself, and it was a mixture of traditional Korea along with tourist Korea. Then I got back before the other two, and as I knew they’d eaten, went out with some Australian guests who are staying at the hostel. It was really nice to hang out with some other travellers. Two were a couple who were backpacking for 6 months around Asia and Europe (mainly the Eastern side), and the other was a worker/traveller/sculptor. The couple had just done a year teaching in Japan too… Anyway, the main point was the conversation was about travelling. Be it cultural differences, favourite cities, future plans… It was really nice to talk with people as passionate (or probably more so!) than I on the topic.

The night before that, we went to karaoke for around 4 and a half hours. We got back about 4.30am. Yesterday we went to Everland (a theme park, a bit like the “Korean Disney”), so we had to wake up early. Last night I only got one hour of sleep, so I’m looking forward to sleeping on the plane. With my lack of energy, I’ll be surprised if I don’t… Or I’ll be beyond grumpy when I get to the other side (and then have to go on a 4 hour coach journey!).

Well, I guess a “See you soon for a proper update!” is all I really have to write, as no one wants to hear more on lack of sleep and flight fears! I shall post all my photos when I get home too! The only thing is, I can’t guarantee it will be straight away. I need to catch up with sleep, get ready for Barcelona and look at the assignments I need to do….

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