My Little Box UK Review – January 2015

Well, it’s official; I’m in love.


Today My Little Box arrived from last month (I ordered at a point when they’d run out, only to get an email two weeks ago saying they were getting more in stock so I would be able to get a January box too) and I’m over the moon if I’m honest.

I love the “Good Vibes only” sticker on the packaging – very cute.

When I first saw the brown box the “little” box arrives it – I was surprised (and pleased!) with it’s size. It has a bit bigger then I was expecting, which was strange after Birchbox seemed smaller then I was expecting. More room for goodies though, I suppose!

The cartoon drawing on the box is adorable and many similar are found throughout. Looking at these is a treat alone, in my opinion! You get a card each month with a quote and drawing, and it’s the first thing (besides the adorable ribbon) you see.


Beneath that was a magazine, which looking through was full of great articles and a few unique things you don’t find in my magazines – like this motivational quotes. Love it. I also love the material the magazine is made from – only slightly glossy and much stronger then  most magazines.

I love this outfit too. Summer inspiration, as I think I’d freeze to death if I wore in now… she types from under a blanket.

The contents had a few variations on lifestyle tips and inspiration – love the photography throughout. Quite arty and pleasing on the eye!

Some sweet motivation pages to cut out and hang up.

Under the magazine was… a gym bag! Woohoo! It’s really adorable and lightweight and useful for the gym or even as an overnight bag. I do think you’d have to be careful as to how much you put in there weight wise – though this is a general rule for all bags. A towel, gym clothes (or swimsuit or change of clothes), keys and some toiletries should be fine though.


  And underneath that there is a calender! Simple, stylish and useful if you do not have one already or could do with two. (i.e One at work, one at home… one in the kitchen, one in your study…). The simplicity and size of it means it’d be great for pinning to a  small cork-board.




Last but by no means least, is a small draw-string bag with beauty goodies inside! This month included a facial spray, red nail-vanish from  Nails Inc and a facial cream from . Tucked next to them all was a little leaflet explaining the history and use of each product and company. Very cute, and all my ideal kind of products. No kidding, I love facial sprays – great for traveling, keeping nice skin through -out a hot day or very cold one (helps keep it shiny and healthy-looking, stopping the dryness such weather will give you otherwise).





The red colour is very pretty, and should suit most shades. Do be warned it takes a while to dry though – or you may end up ruining your little bag like I did!

The gloopy 3-D texture on my nail is NOT caused from the nail polish they provided – well, they’re not to blame anyway. I was just so excited to test it I tested it over my pre-existing chipped nail vanish… 

So… as for the VERDICT: 

How usable are the products?:  Depending on whether you go to the gym… extremely useful! If you’re not into fitness the gym bag, motivational quotes and calender may not be so great to you.

How good are the products?: I’m a little wary as to how much weight the bag can hold and how it’d react in the rain but, other then those queries I think it’s good! (great even!). The nail vanish is from Nails Inc, so yes it’s good (if you can be patience for a little while…). The facial spray feels lovely and smells rather pleasant. At first I thought “ooh fruity!” but that quickly changed to “…floral?”. Different but, nice regardless. I have not tried the cream yet but am looking forward to! And as I said before, I like the material in which the magazine (and other little bits and bobs) are made from. All seem recyclable (and even made from recycled paper for some?)

Would you buy it again?: Yes! I believe I’ve already bought February’s 🙂 It’s such a nice little treat to receive and,  considering what some others had said about this being the worst box so far… I’m very excited!!!

So what’s the price of the box and shipping like?: The box is £11, and shipping is £3.95. Why that pricey? Because it’s a pretty big box full of goodies and is being shipping over from France. Don’t worry though – if you’re curious to try a box but are turned off by the shipping price, type in FIRSTBOX at the checkout to only pay £11 for the first month (basically, get free shipping). Remember to unsubscribe after the initial payment and box is sent if you’re hesitant, as they will automatically charge you the 1st of the next month.

Anything extra I should know?: This box usually arrives between the 10th-20th of each month, unless you’ve ordered a little later in the month and they still have some boxes left over. It took 2 weeks for mine to arrive, although others have had theirs arrive earlier, and they advise that it can be between 2-3 weeks. Do be warned they shall charge you for the box before they let you know – something that may not be great for those in a financial struggle!

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