About time really… I know, I’m sorry…

Since my last update, everything has happened really fast. It’s quite nice actually. I did admittedly have a free, chilled afternoon yesterday, but I’ve been researching housing for next year and essay planning!

The first day I arrived was spent admiring any changes, playing with the children and getting to know Natalie (their new Au Pair). I was surprised the girls weren’t shy with me at all, and that even little Jordi remembered me! That was really nice, and totally unexpected! My name has also changed from “Aiya” to “Anna” too.

My second day – which was a Sunday – Natalie and I went to Barcelona. We were chatting so much on the train that we missed our stop… (My fault! … Happy now Natalie? Haha!) but thankfully as we got off the next stop and took our chances with the other train… We were quickly back. Seriously, our timing for trains was -for a total first in my life- amazing. They were always waiting there when we needed it, and we never missed one.

Now, some of you might remember (or know from your own knowledge) that Sundays in Spain almost everything is closed. So we had a somewhat limited choice of what to do. Our day trip to Barcelona basically consisted of walking the quieter streets of Barcelona and chilling at various bars/cafes. It was really nice to just appreciate the sun and get to know Natalie better. At one point we did accidentally stumbled upon Earth Day celebrations, and had a walk around the stalls.

After we got back we chilled outside a bar in Mataro, while I got some late night ice-cream. When I was meant to walk home, and Natalie to another spot, two guys in a car stopped by us, and starting shouting out the window. I went in with Natalie for a while, to wait until they’d gone, but she kindly ended walking me back. I love going out here, but not at night. It’s really, really scary! Tonight we’re going out again, for some festivities but I’m a bit worried how I’ll get back… So much that I’m considering staying home… But I’m sure it’ll get sorted somehow though… It was kind of nice for Natalie to see how much attention I get though… because finally someone understands what I’m trying to explain!

Monday was a chill day, which was really, really appreciated. I spent the morning playing with little Jordi, and once they’d finished their homework, the girls. Then when they went out, I spent some time chilling in my room doing the research I already told you about! It was really nice though… The cleaner and gardener were in in the afternoon, but when they both talked to me… I understood them! I even told them that I was sorry I only spoke a little Spanish, and she helped me help the gardener with something. It was such a relief! Before I use to be really nervous because I couldn’t understand most of what they were saying.

Speaking of speaking a little Spanish… Today I went to Barcelona to see the Sant Jordi celebrations, and when out the house I didn’t speak English until I returned. While I didn’t speak lots, I spoke far more then I ever had before. Even then, at least I understood our conversation and quickly! I didn’t have to spend long translating it into English. Even numbers! Woo! After all the struggles last summer… It was quite nice!

I’ve taken a bunch of photos, but not on my iPad… I’m maybe too safe about my things in Barcelona, but as the city is notorious for pick-pocketing, getting my iPad out in front of so many people didn’t seem like a wise idea… So as ever I’m afraid you shall have to wait. Admittedly I didn’t get to take lots of photos, but enough to show you how Barcelona celebrates Sant Jordi day! There were book stalls and rose stalls everywhere… Some roses were beautiful, fully bloomed with gorgeous rich colours, and some had only bloomed a little bit with a faded tint to them. Most were crazily overpriced, but I managed to find two rainbow-tinted ones for a reasonable price! I bought them for Jo and Natalie! While I was thinking of buying a yellow rose, and that symbolises friendship and is generally a nice colour anyway, I’d never seen rainbow or blue tinted roses in person before! Up close, they are really unique. The petals are each a different colour! Sadly, the roses already show signs of death. Maybe the two can flower press them or something. If not, even the few days they have with the rose!

Got to go out now… Shall probably blog tomorrow morning about tonight’s celebrations!

Until then,

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