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Hi there and welcome to my blog!

I started blogging in 2012 when I moved to Spain for a few months, and after it’s success a few people asked me to carry on blogging… so here I am! I tend to write diary styled entries when I’m away (depending on when I can get efficient enough internet and how busy my day is) and in between travels I tend to write reviews and articles on places I’ve been and things that interest me.

To sum up things you might want to know without rambling on too much (I can be good at that, consider yourself warned!), here is a little profile thingy:


Basic Info:

Name: Hana
Age: 21
Nationality: English
Interests: traveling, history, music, fashion, beauty, healthy eating, cooking, movies, literature, cakes.  (Cake counts as an interest right?)
Countries visited: USA, Canada, France, Spain, Ireland, South Korea, Singapore,  New Zealand, Australia and the rest of the UK (Wales, Northern Ireland, Scotland).
Languages: I’m learning Spanish and Korean. I use to (hangs head in shame) learn Japanese and I will get back around to practicing it again one day soon. I know basic French too.

Travel Questions:

Places you’d like to one day go?: Egypt, China, Peru, Prague, Greece, Japan, Russia aaaaaand New Orleans.
Why did you list New Orleans in that list after all the other places?: I just really want to go to a Jazz Club one night before going to a Southern bar the next night… and hang out in the French Quarter.
Why do you want to go Peru? Is this because you watched Paddington Bear recently?:  No… No… I’ve got a thing for historical ruins. Machu Picchu and Peruvian markets are a-calling!
Okay… Then what about Egypt? Is that because of the Mummy films?: … Maybe.
(Only joking, although exploring Egyptian tombs with Brendan Fraser and John Hannah would be preeeetty cool)

Beauty Questions:

What’s your favourite beauty product?: Either Liz Earle spray (does that count?) or Origins mascara. After years and years of bad mascara, it makes it all worth it.
How would you describe your beauty style?: I suppose 1950’s Hollywood glamour. Black eyeliner and some red lipstick are my go-to.  Sometimes I like to channel a “pretty in pink” or “natural” kind of theme. It depends on the outfit, where I’m going and the impression I’m trying to make.


Which historical era would you choose to live in if you couldn’t live in present day?: Um. I suppose I would go for 18th century and hope I’m reasonably wealthy?
Anything else we might want to know?: I’m vegetarian, and no I don’t miss bacon.

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